what i can do for you


Writing For Change

 A Workshop on the Art & Craft of 

Activist Literature and Advocacy Journalism

Discover how to create a powerful message and infuse your writing with passion and meaning. Calling all activists, advocates, aspiring authors, public relations professionals, nonprofit personnel and anyone who wants to change the world with their words!

War Is Ecocide

Learn why we can't stop the warming if we don't stop the wars, and the specific actions and campaigns that you can launch or join to help win the biggest battle of our lives.  https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/07/31/climate-worst-casualty-war

Boots & Wings

Intensive Retreat on the Way of the Spiritual Warrior.

Nonprofit Ninja

Nearly 3 decades of nonprofit expertise at your service. I can help you start, fix, fund raise, market, brand & promote, develop programs, and make the most of your mission.

Speaking Engagements

"Simply one of the best speakers I have ever heard on any subject." - Conference Director, 2016